Why you study in CSE ?

⇒ CSE are dynamic & highly demanding disciplines at home & abroad.

⇒ CSE graduates are well setup in various section including Software firms, Corporate, Banking, Telecommunication and Teaching.

⇒ European & Middle-East countries are recruiting CSE experts or technological innovators.

⇒ Due to rapid expansion of software companies after 2/3 years, there will be an acute shortage of CSE graduates in the job market.

⇒ All Schools, Colleges & Universities require CSE graduates for Computer Education.

⇒ Various foreign investors are very much eager to invest in the CSE field like GP, Robi, Banglalink, Ericsson, Huawei etc. Which are currently sponsored by Swedish, Malaysian, Norwegian and Chinese companies in the country.

⇒ Many international organizations namely UNDP, Commonwealth, USAID are offering scholarships in the disciplines of CSE.

Information about B.Sc in CSE
Total Credit                        : 163
Total Semester                   : 12
Duration per Semester        : 4 Month
Duration of total program    : 4 Years

Admission Requirements
⇒ HSC / Alim / A level / Equivalent (Technical degree) / Diploma Engineer with Minimum GPA 2.5.
⇒ Total cash discount up to 80% on Basis of Result.

Evening Program (For Diploma Engineer) Information of B.Sc in CSE

Total Credit of CSE                : 120 - 130
Duration per Semester           : 4 Month
Duration of total program       : 3 Years

Admission Requirements
⇒ How have passed Diploma Engineering or Equivalent. Minimum GPA 2.5.

Fee Structure (BSc. in CSE):

⇒ Admission fee : Tk. 15,000/- (Once at the time of admission for each student).
⇒ Tuition fee : Tk. 4,000/- per month.
⇒ Semester Exam fee : Tk. 2,000/- per semester.
⇒ Yearly Miscellaneous fee : Tk. 2,000/- per year.
⇒ Discount up to 80% on the basis of SSC & HSC result on tuition fee.

Associated Universities
Monash University                                Australia
National University of Singapore           Singapore
Concordia University                            Canada
University of Maryland                          USA
University of Berkeley                           USA


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